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Grenada - the ninth country to withdraw recognition of UDI Kosovo

November 04, 2018 Source: Tanjug

Foreign Ministers of Serbia and Grenade, Ivica Dačić and Peter David, stated that Grenada has withdrawn its recognition of UDI Kosovo's independence. The Government of Grenada considers that providing support to the solution of the future status of Kosovo and Metohija through the Dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina is of utmost importance.

Ivica Dačić

Photo: Tanjug

After his meeting with the Foreign Minister of Grenada, an island state in Central America, Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić told Tanjug that Grenada is the ninth country that has annulled all decisions previously made regarding the status of Kosovo and Metohija, which means withdrawal of recognition of UDI Kosovo as an independent state.

In a note sent to Serbia, the Government of Grenada stated that it had decided to review its position on the status of Kosovo and Metohija.

“Following our extensive enquiry and consideration, the Government of Grenada considers that it is of utmost importance to support the resolution of the future status of Kosovo by means of the Dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, as this is the desired mechanism for achieving a just, lasting and sustainable solution,” the note reads.

Also, the note states the Grenade Government will firmly support the position which the two sides should reach through an agreement.

“In the meantime, the Government of Grenada shall abolish all previous decisions or statements regarding the status of UDI Kosovo. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Grenada avails itself of this opportunity to renew our assurances of the highest regard to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia.”

Commonwealth of Dominica, Suriname, Liberia, Sao Tome and Principe, Guinea-Bissau, Burundi, Papua New Guinea and Lesotho also withdrew their recognition of UDI Kosovo's independence, before Granada.

FM Dačić said that this was another great achievement, not only in terms of disputing UDI Kosovo’s independence, but a great progress in international understanding of this problem.

“It is the understanding that this problem can only be solved through dialogue. Thus, this is yet another incentive to come to a resolution by means of dialogue, instead of proceeding with Kosovo’s view that this matter has been closed. It has become plainly evident indeed that this matter has not been solved, and it will be even more clearly visible later, in the vote for Interpol, that the figure counting so many countries that have recognized UDI Kosovo is in fact a false one. Since they have so many countries, they are expected to be admitted to Interpol, and I can guarantee that this will not happen,” Dačić said.