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Vucic: They can be bullies all they want, we shall preserve peace

March 30, 2018 Source: Tanjug

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic sent a verbal message to the Pristina authorities today that they can continue to brag around and use force, and we will, he emphasized, endeavor to preserve peace and protect stability.

President Aleksandar Vučić

Photo: Office for Kosovo and Metohija

esponding to the press question about the statement made by the provincial President Hashim Thaci's that the Serbian Armed Forces could enter Kosovo, but that the soldiers will not return, and the statement of Ramush Haradinaj that he needed the north of Kosovo, Vucic said that he had nothing new to say and that he is aware of their wishes and intentions.

"They are great, powerful and strong, as are their sponsors, while we are a small nation, so they can beat us and do everything because they have the support of the Western public for that. Imagine what would happen if an NGO in Serbia invited a Kosovo official, and we broke into the gathering and battered this person?" he said.

Vučić pointed out that everything related to Marko Đurić's visit was legal according to our laws and regulations.

"Just let them be bullies, we shall endeavor to preserve peace and protect stability," he stressed.

Vucic pointed out that the main goal of the Pristina authorities is to occupy north and that he understood well the words of Haradinaj.

"They did all these calculations. I saw the studies for Gracanica on how the Albanians can became the majority. Thus, for example, Albanians can become majority in Novo Brdo within a year. Their goals are not a big secret. Their grand objective is taking the north," he said.

At the same time, he criticized the fact that in our country we had very few allies to resolve the issue of Kosovo.

"There were few people who dared to speak the truth and make the stand because they knew that such actions would anger the Albanian sponsors. Some persons prefer to be able to attend a formal reception, and be patted on the back there. They prefer thinking about themselves and not so much about Serbia, while I think about Serbia and our citizens, "he said.

Vucic: Let's see first if the Albanians will lie again

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said today that the Serbs will participate in talks with Pristina on the establishment of the Community of Serb Municipalities, if the Albanians demonstrate that they did not play a trick again and that they want to work on its formation, but also expressed his doubts about it.

"There will be no independent formation of the CSM on April 20, if the Albanians prove that they have not lied in the last five or six days. The Serbs will take part in those talks, but we should wait and see what happens until April 20," Vucic told reporters in Ljig.

As he says, we should wait and see "are they big or maybe not so big liars," adding that he hopes that someone from the world will make them form the CSM.

"We should not run ahead of ourselves. And what if they lie to us again, then what do you want us to do? Take out an arm or a leg and say, ‘We are so happy we did it, here you go, we have fulfilled something for you. Anything else you want us to do?’" the President asked.

He expressed hope that Thaci and Haradinaj would fulfill what they said the other day, but believes that things will remain the same for another six months, "but then it will not be April 20 but October 20".

He pointed out that Serbs, if there are talks with the Albanians, will not hold a meeting on which to decide on the formation of the ZSO.

“The Serbs will not establish anything if the Albanians keep their promise having the support of the United States and the others. I guess they cannot lie the entire world, so let’s see if the world can force them continue to put a formal front," Vucic said, adding that even if they do not fulfill their obligations, the Serbs have to do what is good for the people, and uphold the Brussels Agreement, unlike Albanians and their mentors.

He reiterated that Serbs have been waiting for the formation of CSM for five years, or 1,800 days, stressing that the Community has not been formed not because of the Serbs, but because the Albanians did not want it, nor did the international community, and this, he said, was a understatement for the Western part of the international community.

He underlined that the EU could have set establishing the CSM as a condition for visa liberalization for Kosovo, but that the EU chose not to do so.

As Vučić recalled, Hashim Thaçi stated that the CSM must be formed after the meeting in Brussels, where it was made clear to him that it has to happen, and that Thaci announced as much, and that the statement was repeated on the day they perpetrated the criminal acts in the north, so that Pristina can continue pretending to be nice and good, "even though they would not move a finger to establish the Community."

"They are lying all the time, I know them full well. They lie when they open their mouths." Vucic said, adding that Albanians will start discussing the CSM in order to be able to inform the international forums that they have started it.

"And the Serbs had waiting for the invitation to these discussion. Why did Albanians not invite them to talks these days, as they announced?" Vucic asked.